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Advance Care Planning

What is Advance Care Planning (ACP)?

ACP is a process in which you can think, talk and write about what is important to you, and describe the kind of care you would want if you became unable to make decisions for yourself. It broaches the subject of dying, and how you would like to be looked after at that time.

Why is this important for me and my family?

It may seem difficult to think ahead in this way, but writing an advance care plan makes a clear record of your wishes so that these can be respected and, where possible, carried out by people caring for you in the future.

It will also help you to talk about your plans with the people close to you, and those involved in your care, so that they know what is important to you.

How can I complete an Advance Care Plan?

Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group has developed an ACP booklet that is available either to download below, or you can ask for the booklet at the surgery as we hold a small stock.

Remember that an ACP is a ‘living’ document, and you can update and change it at any time.

What do I do with it once I have completed it?


Give copies of your completed ACP (and when you update it) to whoever you wish to have a copy. A copy can be held by the surgery, and we will scan this on to your records.

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