Priory Medical Practice now has MJog

Providing patient messaging services for over 4,500 GP Practices throughout 95% of CCGs in England, the service is proven to reduce DNAs by as much as 50% and can vastly improve our patients’ access to Healthcare and experience.

MJog works with all leading clinical systems enabling a standardised solution to our patient communications.
We can deliver a wide range of Patient Healthcare communications with MJog, through 
SMS, Voice, and Email. 

MJog Smart, our rich, two way digital messaging service also allows smart communication between us and our patients who can respond in a few simple clicks.
Our Patient Messaging Services allow two-way interactive communications between us and our Patients – something which is not possible with in-built systems.

With 93% adults using a mobile phone in the UK, and the use of mobile devices by adults increasing year on year, the ability to access healthcare information on the go, 24/7, is vital due to ever increasing busy lifestyles.  Using MJog’s complete range of channels (SMS,Email & Voice), it is now possible to reach 100% of our patient population, giving all patients the choice of how they receive our communications.